ZERO POINT...the ultimate destination


Who Are We...? Well in nutshell, we are a team of enthusiastic and experienced travellers and photography-passionate individuals,named Zero Point, happy to make your travel plan. We are environmentally sensible and strongly oppose any act of violating the rule of that "ALMIGHTY" Nature.

At Zero Point, our travel-thought is, enjoy and explore your destination with inner eyes and realization, Nature will unveil her endless beauty and majesty in front of you - and thus providing you the opportunity to see and experience - to photograph the stunning visual as well.

At Zero Point, we believe, that the realization of loveliness is within you - unfolding the mystery of unknown or revealing the secrets of beauty is your instinct. So, while you travel with us, we strive to provide helpful information about the destination and share our travel experience with you.

We also maneuver your self-realization about the aesthetics of photography in proper direction, so that you can find uncommon beauties in common places or situations, unfold a new dimension at your destination, through your inner lens - thus your vision and ideas takes a shape in reality, and you are back home with an excellent travel experience. So, as we make your travel plan, chalk out the route and coordinate the schedule, you are completely untroubled to enjoy your holidays, explore your destination, educate yourself, gather experience and capture impressive visuals. Thus we help you to combine your enthusiasm on travel and photography.

We also conduct Photo-tours. While on a photography trip with Zero Point, good advice from professional teachers of photography, sharing their extensive travel experience may produce magical result for a travel enthusiast, like you - and that is the essence of photography and travelling - in a single word - Photo-tourism. Irrespective of whether you're a pro or not, want to explore your destination with your camera and determined to develop the photography skill as well, in terms of artistic thoughts, composition and technicality may face a crisis of ideas or visions. And that's the situation, when you need a spread-out hand of an experienced mentor.

Our experts share their views, give you professional tips time to time, while on a trip. You just step out, see stunning colors all around, feel the splendor everywhere and capture some excellent snaps. You also start discovering new shades and features of life as it goes on around you through your inner eyes. Self-realization in art, lots of vibrant impressions, priceless experience and wonderful memories - Photo-tourism can give you all these, when you are with a knowledgeable professional as a co-traveller. We also take care about helping you to customize technical settings of your own camera, so that you can get the best results out of it.

We - the Zero Point team - also attempt to ensure a friendly and cozy atmosphere during our trip, to give you a memorable experience in terms of travelling and photography - and thus you find your destination and re-discover yourself.