If you are an adventure lover, then Himachal Pradesh is the best tour destination for you. Here you can experience the wide range of adventurous sport activities and many more exciting things; various land and water sports can give you the ultimate adventure rides. The snow-capped picks are perfect for numerous types of popular adventure sports like- Trekking, Paragliding and Angling. If you want to take part in the snow sports, then you should carry snow boots. To get the view of enchanting beauty of the hill tops you can do heli-skiing, Water rafting in the river Bias and biking on the mountains. Due to these enchanting opportunities of various types of adventures, the popularity of the adventure sport industry is very vast and popular.

The expand of this adventure tourism is also transmitted up to Leh; this place is a famous destination for trekking, cycling rock climbing and water rafting. You should book your adventure sport activities in advance to avoid the rush and before taking any ride , you should verify that you are taking that ride under professional guidance. The thrilling experience of adventure sports will make you amazed and you can explore the natural beauty of Himachal with more tenderness. If you are interested in golf, then in Himachal you can get some wel l managed golf grounds, surrounded by rolling green hills. These grounds are very helpful to create a picture perfect shot; since golfing is a very old and popular adventure sport of Himachal, so, the grounds are very well maintained. You can easily enjoy all types of adventure sports , all the year around.