With very rich heritage of flora and fauna Darjeeling is home to a large variety of migratory birds that visit the region every year during the months of winter. The hill station is a house of ringal bamboo and oak which is also a good place to watch Brown Parrotbill and Gould’s Shortwing. For this reason the place is called a site with great birding potential.

Neora Valley National Park consists of more than 10 species out of 400 rare and endangered birds are found. Latpanchar is not that popular tourist place but a part of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary which is famous for 240 species of birds and 36 types of animals. Residential birds includes Woodpeckers, Eagles, Rufous necked Horbill, Robins, Black bulbuls,Minivets, Flycatchers,Spider hunters and many more.

At Tiger Hill, bird lovers can also get a view of Large Hawk Cuckoos, Hill partridge, Collard Owlet, Khalij Pheasent, Spot bellied Eagle Owl, Oriental and Lesser Cuckoos, Himalayan Swiftlet, Fork Tailed and House Swifts, Darjeeling Woodpecker, White throated Needletail, Streak breasted Scimitar Babbler, Scaly breasted Wren Babbler, Fulvous and Grey headed parrotbill, Rufous Capped Babbler, Blue winged laughing thrush, Hoary throated Barwing, Black headed shrike babblers, Snowy browed, Sapphire, and Rufous gorgeted Flycatcher, Rufous bellied Niltava, Yellow bellied Fantail, Goldcrest, Chestnut warblers, Indian Blue Robin, Orange flanked, White tailed Robins, Golden and white browed Bush robin, White collard Black Bird, Plain backed. Olive backed and rosy pipits, long billed browned tit, Plain Mountain Finch, Gold naped Finch, and Red headed finch, etc.

Again Himalayan Griffon, Long tailed Minivet, silver eared Mesia, streaked Laughingthrush, Black eared Shrike Babbler, Whishkered Yuhina, Red tailed Minla, Rusty Fronted Barwing, Rufous winged Fukvetta, Rufous Sibia, Little Pied, Verditer and Grey headed Flycatcher, Rufous bellied Niltava, White throated Fantail, Brownish Flanked and Russet Bush Warblers, Hill Prinia, Smoky, Buff barred, lemon rumped, ashy throated, Grey Bushcat, Chesnut bellied Rock Thrush, Blue Whistling Thrush, Grey Winged Blackbird, Black throated tits, White tailed Nuthatch, and Green backed, Olive backed pipit, Mrs gould’s, Green tailed and Fire tailed Sunbirds, Yellow breasted Greenfinch, little Bunting, etc are few migratory birds that one can have sight at Darjeeling hills & valleys.