Among all hill stations India is blessed with Darjeeling with its beautiful and scenic view that offers a breath of fresh air for the tourists and attracts them with a charming atmosphere. Now with the heart throbbing tour of the hills if the place also gifts with a great deal where you can listen to the sounds of clump of utensils, smell the aroma of freshly cooked food and helps you to dwell on nostalgia while relaxing in the comforts of a place where you generally feel like home also in a distant land is what an actual home stay is in Darjeeling.

Homestays not only means staying in five star hotels or rooms but that also includes staying in Darjeeling style cottages or another new form is a living space that is arranged by the local people or the villagers that is staying with them in their own house, sharing the same roof for a shorter period of time, sit for meals with the family one is staying with. As a whole it is a kind of practicing some different ways of living with the people or the family they are staying with, mixing with their culture and traditions, and tasting their type of food and drink.

Some Darjeeling Homestays consists of charming residential houses or cottages that possess an elegant d├ęcor where the interior has a blend of both modern and traditional craft works that gives an authentic look and provides a pleasant and homely feel to the guests. Some guest houses and cottages are also termed as homestays where few of them offers Master Bedroom with an attach washroom for a perfect family and an extra bed ideal for a kids of the family. The room contains its own private sitting space, dining hall, living area and a kitchen which is fully furnished to cook the way guests wants just like a homely environment. With that the attic which is a style of cottage space is designed in such a way that it looks like a private and comfortable space for a couple more like a cottage format that gives a culture of staying in hills.

Darjeeling Homestay can also be basic sometimes, that is a set up or a simple infrastructure arranged by villagers for those guests who visit for a purpose of adventure like trekking, birding, etc just for a short period of time still facing full homely environment in a different place with different people and modes of life.

In Darjeeling Hills some places where homestay tourism has flourished both in town of Darjeeling and kalimpong as well as the surrounding places like Reshikhola, Latpanchar, Ahaldara, Namthing, Lamahatta, Dawaipani, Shittong, Chatakpur, Chimney, Kolakham, Tinchuley, Pedong, Lava, Loleygaon, Rishap, Jhandidara, Suntaleykhola, Rangaroon , Takdah , Glenburn & Dilaram tea estate etc to name a few.