We always dream to have a home in the hills along a beach infact there is no place like home but still we aspire to have a small cottage with a lawn in a remote village and a kitchen garden to feast on, an open space or area for our pets to run around.

Homestays the word including home offers that very experience of unwinding in an awesome setting as guests to arm, friendly people who have opened their traditional as well as modern homes to guests. Scattered in various regions of the country they give a great description to the culture of an area and a vast option for an extended budget stay. One can experience the best hospitality with a personalized attention detailing a great travel experience.

Himalayan Home-Stays welcomes with an exciting holiday plan in the land of Mount Kanchenjunga which is known as the world’s third highest peak. The home-stay offers the warmth of friendship in the relaxed comfort of some homely environment in Gangtok which is the capital of Sikkim or the village farmlet in a place named Dzongu that is in North part of Sikkim.

This state belongs to young professional Sikkimese family of Bhutia and Lepcha who enjoy sharing their homes with travelers, scholars, and writers to encourage the guests in their state culture. Experiencing a homestay with a local family sharing their local lifestyles close to nature and culture gives you a chance of mesmerizing with the polluted lands and traditional lifestyles of the land and its people. It is a place of pure and pristine settings of a distinctive rural ecotourism destination to travel and participate in bird watching trails, treks, adventure activities, cultural festivals, visit ancient monasteries and natural wonders of Sikkim.