Ladakh - The land of High Passes

Enormous beauty of mountains, indulge yourself in the outlandish scenic beauty of Ladakh

Explore the mesmerizing beauty of ex Buddhist Kingdom, magical Mountain View with spectacular scenic beauty in Ladakh. The significance of the phase Ladakh is “land of high passes”; this region is administrated by the Indian administration of Jammu and Kashmir. This enigmatic mountain range is extended portion of the Kuen Lun mountain range, which is sustained to the main Great Himalayas in the southern region. The inhabitants of this area mainly belong to the Tibetan and Indo-Aryan descent. The population density of this region of Jammu and Kashmir is not very dense and the culture and lifestyle of the local residents are nearly influenced by Tibet.

Location & Altitude:

On the height range of 3,000 meters (9,800 ft) from the sea level, Ladakh is situated in the middle portion of the Himalayas and Kunlun Mountain range. Leh is the main city of Ladakh, the main language of this region is Kargil Boti and other languages are Shina, Balti, Brokshat and Changshat. In the offices and schools, Hindi and English are also used.

Best time to visit:

During the year, the preferable time to visit Ladakh is from June to September. In this particular time slot, you will avail the mild heat of the summer season. This particular time period will take you to an unparalleled heaven on the earth, the crystal-clear bright weather will definitely astonish you with its marvelous beauty. The temperature range will roam in between 20-30 degree Celsius and you can easily take part in the adventurous trekking facilities. It is advisable to the travelers that they should carry a customized kit to get rid of the affects of unpredictable weather condition of Ladakh. You should carry windcheaters, Mufflers, Thermals, Gloves, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Boots, hot-water bag and wide-brimmed sun hats.

Must visits:

When it is about exploring the beauty of Ladakh, you will get a long list of incredible destinations. This extraterrestrial place is filled up with various ancient Buddhist Monasteries and other religious sites, gompas, royal architectures, mystical mountain peaks, various activity sports and wildlife safaris. If you are an adventure lover, then this place is totally ideal for you, here you can experience mountain biking, trekking, mountaineering and rafting. Some must visit places are the Leh Palace, Stok Palace, Shanti Stupa, Hall of fame, Jama Masjid, Sankar Monastery and many more.

Permits and Passports:

Residents of India need not to carry any permit for visiting Leh, but international travelers have to register themselves at Rumtse, Drass and Serchu for travelling in the overland areas. In some restricted areas like- Tsomoriri, Pangong Lakes, Tsokar, Dhahanu and Nubra Valley, all tourists have to take permission from the District Magistrate, through the travel agents of Leh.

Health Warning:

If you have any panic attacks about heights, then you can face acute mountain sickness due to the high altitude of up to 10,000 ft. above the sea level.

Tourism in Ladakh :