ZERO POINT...the ultimate destination

We, at Zero Point, aim to provide the best effort, while making your travel plan, sketch the route and arrange the trip. This ensures a hassle-free journey and help you to enjoy your holidays. We also share our experience to our valued co-travellers like you, which unveils the inner realization of exploring the beauty of your destination, whether you are on a travel schedule or on a Photo-tourism trip.

Step out - and let's go. As you see stunning colors all around - a beautiful wide landscape, great mountain ranges, fascinating yet adventurous wildlife, mighty ocean or seasonal beauties of nature, interesting events, life styles, traditions and cultures of a place, our experienced travel skipper will guide you everywhere. If you are photography passionate, our expert photographers will provide valuable tips and techniques on photography - and even as a newbie, you start capturing the beautiful moments around you and enjoy your trip the most, in tandem.

So, trekking high at hills - walking in the mysterious wild - roving along the shoreline - going out on weekend - whichever you prefer, Zero Point is always happy to serve you and provide an admirable travel experience to be ever recalled.