Sikkim Village Circuit

The great Buddhist saint who visited Sikkim was Guru Padmasambhava and consecrated the land, meditating at its four corners so that the place gets rid of all negativity. Darap is a small and beautiful village near Peiling which is a home to the five major tribes of Sikkim- Limboo, Lepcha, Rai, Gurung and Nepali. Some of the villagers can help being a guide for the trip if one does not have certain plans chocked out beforehand and they can give a wide knowledge of culture and environment of the village and the state.

The early morning trek through small villages that is surrounded by the Singalila mountain range includes plantations of millet, corn, fig, cardamom, bamboo and rice. Though Sikkim is one of the richest states in India in terms of flora and fauna use of fertilizer is prohibited because of its derogatory effects on soil, but the government of the state gives training to local youth to teach farmers the technique of growing crops without the use of fertilizers. The local village people get jobs through a scheme that is launched by the government is called “100 day job scheme” through which they can get jobs making walking trails in the forest and this is the way local human resources are utilized for jobs and the process of eco-friendly way of living.

With the wealth of knowledge local people take tourists through the village on trekking trails and as per any other customized requirements like some travelers love to sit by just by the river and fish all day and then during lunch he is taken to a local house or Lepcha where one can have some of their authentic cuisine. This way it helps in sustaining local culture, cuisine and the way of living of the state and helps in exploring the beauty of Indian villages.