‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ the phrase gets its true meaning only from the land of Sikkim, a wonderland blessed with nature starting from mountain lakes, lush green forests to icy cold deserts and flowing alpine meadows. A land that is gifted with everything a traveler can always dream of. Staying in the lap of nature is the truest expression when one is staying here in this lovely hamlet of Sikkim- A wonderland of rhododendrons, more than 28 snowy peaks, over 80 glaciers and lakes.

Nature is revealed in its entire splendor in the serene lakes with cascading rivers and pristine waterfalls spread a lovely ambience throughout. The Mighty Kanchenjunga with glorious Rhododendrons makes the land of Sikkim a bucket full of Wonder. With the crowning glory of Sikkim, Mt. Kanchenjunga is categorized as the highest mountain in the world with magnificent scenery of ice. It is often regarded as the acknowledged monarch among the peaks of the world. The lovely part of the land shares its fractional border with Nepal in the western part and Bhutan in the eastern part with the Tibetan plateau that rises from the northern border. The part of which was once a Himalayan monarchy and a part of Silk Route to China.

Sports like Kayaking and River Rafting through gushing icy waters, Trekking and Archery through dense green forests, Mountain Biking, Hand Gliding, Mountaineering through the best natural landscape and Yak Safari the most uncommon traditional practice generally makes Sikkim a unique gift of nature.

The state of Sikkim is the melting pot of various cultures that includes jovial language, lively people, lip licking cuisine, devout religion, melodious music, vibrant dance with indigenous art and crafts. Sikkim is a warehouse of different communities and religions as well that has emerged its own distinct ethnicity even after getting influenced by so many cultures.

Nightlife not in Sikkim but in Gangtok is especially for them who like to party hard on vacations. Though Gangtok might not offer much but it still have few nightclubs and bars to offer where young enthusiastic crowd can bang the dance floor with delicious food and exotic cocktails carrying on their hands. Stylish and trendy place with majestic glass architecture offers a great ambience, warm and cozy temperature inside the lounges of Sikkim to celebrate the nightlife in that chilling weather of hills.