The mountainous Himalayan part or the charming state of Uttarakhand is not only a home to several species of birds but also attracts various species owing to its unique geo-climatic conditions.

Uttarakhand gives breathtaking panoramic views of western Himalayas that include majestic glaciers, magnificent snow-clad mountains, gigantic peaks dense forests and valleys of flowers. The state is a paradise for avifauna and a popular destination for birders from all over the world. Many birds are migratory indeed almost half the species that is present in the country of India can be seen in this region since it is one of the best places for observing birds of prey. The bird population is so high throughout the year that it made this a unique location with winter tourists, summer visitors, passage, altitudinal and local migrants.

Bird watching is not just a recreating exercise that provides knowledge but helps to understand the color of nature and aspects of life. The place where the bird watching program is practiced is full of various migratory and permanent residential .More than 221 species of birds found specifically in deep middle Himalayan zone.

Birds at Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve include species like chukar and hill partridge, koklass and Kaleej pheasant,rufous sibia, goldcrest, black-throated tit, chesnut-bellied nuthatch, black-chinned babbler, red-billed leiothrix, rock bunting, green-tailed sunbird and yellow-breasted greenfinch. With that some endangered birds like Himalayan griffon and bearded vulture. Pallas’s Fish eagle, White Tailed eagle, Lesser Fish eagle and also Grey-headed eagle can been seen here in plenty.

It is impossible for bird lovers to stay inside when enticing birds like green magpies, Eurasian and blackheaded jays, white-throated laughing thrush and titmice from the surroundings greets and however cold it might be in whichever the season or height does not really matters for bird lovers at that point of time.

All families of birds like 18 species of sapsucker or woodpeckers some smaller than a sparrow and some are larger than a crow including Kaleej and Himalayan can easily be seen. Himalayan Monals a bird of the pheasant family, Phasianidae is the state bird of Uttarkhand, can easily be seen.

Satttal, Pangot,Chopta , Pithoragarh, Corbett National Park, Nainital , Hanumangadhi, Kaladungi Baur reserviour, Valley of Flowers & Dehradun valley are The popular Birding Trails of Uttrakhand.