Himachal Pradesh is very much famous for the mountains and valleys, the gigantic mountains are the mainland for the adventures and sports. The green and beautiful valleys are the main attraction of the place, the valleys are encompassed by huge mountains that give a heavenly looks to the total area. The natural densities of the hills are very immense and enriched with numerous unknown resources; the ecological structure of this area has a link of diversity. The main attractive valleys are Kangra Vally, Lahaul Valley, Pangi Valley, Malana Valley and many more.

Kangra Valley:

The unsurpassable composure of the Kangra valley is incredibly exceptional and spectacular; the Northern part of the valley is situated in the Dhauladhar range and the southern part is in the Shivaliks, it creates a picturesque view that will enchant your soul. From the Baijnath to Shahpur, this structure of the valley is transmitted. With the irresistible natural view, this place is very much famous for its humanity; the normal people are very much decent and simple.

Pangi Valley:

This is one of the excluded areas of Himachal, in the winter time the total area remains isolated from the rest of the world. The professional adventure lovers can explore the deadly side of this area.

Lahaul Valley:

The spectacular natural embellishments and the immense diversity of the nature will mesmerize your mind in the Lahaul valley. The passes of this valley are extremely tall; the mountains get the water of life from the springs that carry the crystal clear water with the essence of life. You can explore multiple monasteries and several temples in this valley, the blend of cultures of Hinduism and Buddhism is very prominent in this place.

Malana Valley:

This exotic valley is acknowledged as mini Greece of Himachal Pradesh, as per the residents of this place, they have come from Greece itself. The people of this place has kept them separate from the other communities, they are ruling their own government. You can reach at Malana after 6 hours trek from Jar.